Sometimes, a possibility becomes a reality faster than you’d ever think. Sometimes, while we take breaks from some things (like blogging, apparently….), other things come into existence.

I’ve been wanting to move in the direction of immersive, outdoor+yoga+adventure retreats for some time. The wide lands and big skies of Montana are such a great fit for this type of activity – of breaking away from the everyday to marinate in movement, stillness, conversation, and connection.

When I started talking with my friend Jenny about this concept, it was amazing how quickly we stepped from idea to execution. Jenny and I have worked together over the past year on planning the new Bigfork Village Market – so we were able to begin from a foundation of teamwork, trust, and respect. She brought in another inspiring, talented woman, and here we are — with the first ever Wild Horse Women’s Retreat!

We’ll be gathering with a small group of ladies on beautiful Wild Horse Island in August. I really can’t wait for this adventure to unfold.

Would you help me spread the word to your communities? And if you’re interested, you can learn more about the retreat at our website.

(featured image by the talented Tori Pintar)