Week Four: Hall Lake

We had brilliant weather here on the 4th of July, so we decided to explore a new area for us and find another new trail. We headed down into the Swan Lake valley, and hiked up a few miles to Hall Lake.

This was a nice hike – lots of ridgeline, and several different variations of forest ecosystem. We spotted lots of blooming flowers, berries, and beargrass, and I captured a few nice shots of the view back down to Swan Lake.

Hall Lake itself was rather small, and didn’t share some of the great vistas we’ve encountered at other alpine lakes, but it had a lovely campsite and fewer bugs than Strawberry Lake!

A nice day hike and easily accessible from highway 83, with a fun river crossing and some lovely views back down into the valley. We did run into quite a few mountain bikers, and at places the trail was a bit treacherous to step off and let them pass. But everyone was friendly and shared the trail.

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