When I was thinking about starting this blog, as a tool to develop my voice and share my words and my journey and hone this practice of showing up and writing, I struggled with selecting a theme.

After all, that’s how blogs work.

There are Adventure blogs. Fashion blogs. Food blogs. Book blogs. Travel blogs. Countless numbers of subject blogs, from cars to pets to money to woodcarving to politics.

And the experts tell you to choose your niche carefully, when you launch your blog. Be sure to select a topic you’re passionate about, of course, but if you want to gain an audience, or monetize, you need to have a blog that is focused and is meeting a need, something that the internet says is of value.

I don’t dispute that. Many have found it to be true.

And after all, this blog — my blog — may earn me a few pennies here and there, but it isn’t, at this point, designed to be a source of income.

It’s intended as a place for me to write and to share my own unique journey.

Because my niche is me. My niche is running, yoga, reading, hiking, cooking, traveling, learning, listening…..it is so many things and so many passions yet to experience and explore.

So today, I’d encourage you – if you are thinking about writing, or finding a space for your own particular voice — remember that your niche is you.

You are the only person composed of your own unique makeup of skills and foibles and loves and dislikes.

You may find joy in traveling  — but also in gardening. You may be a parent, capturing the small moments of your child’s growth on the pages of the internet, while also harboring a deep love and knowledge of craft beer. You may be the source of all wisdom on the best natural haircare alternatives, but simultaneously love mountain biking and finding amazing new trails in your area.

Why should we be only one thing?

We are all real people, three-dimensional and composed of a whole laundry list of things that inspire and motivate us.

So this blog won’t be stuck in a single niche, a specific category. Instead, it will be authentic.

I will live so as to fill my niche as fully as I can. Some of these stories will find their way to these pages. Others may spill out in person, over a warm meal or a cold drink.

And I invite you to do the same, in the pages of your own life. Embrace the niche that is you, and fill it, wholeheartedly.