I love the winter.  I love the snowsports as well as the cozy days inside with warm drinks and a good book.  I even love the cold temperatures that let me bundle up in my favorite hat, jacket, boots & gloves. To be fair, if you live in Montana it’s easier if you embrace the winter, seek out ways to enjoy and experience as much as you can and creating unique ways of supporting your winter wellness. It’s a season of extremes, and it makes me feel alive.

But, winter can also be tough on my body. I’m usually pretty minimal when it comes to my beauty routine — living in an Airstream doesn’t allow lots of space for products — and this winter, I’ve discovered a few new favorites. Now, this isn’t a beauty blog, but every once in awhile if I find something great, I’ll review it in this space. I’ve got reviews forthcoming on my favorite REI duffel bag and my new favorite women’s activewear line, but for today, I wanted to share my thoughts on two personal care products I’ve been loving lately..

As a yoga teacher and doTERRA wellness advocate, I’m always inspired when I find products that have fewer chemicals or harsh ingredients, but still do a good job. Enter the Mountain Beauty Collective and their goals of education and equipping via their line of BeautyCounter products. I recently had the chance to try out the Lip Conditioner in Peppermint, and the Lip Sheer in Scarlet.

BeautyCounter stands out from its competition based on its commitment to healthy, non-toxic ingredients. As Mountain Beauty Collective shares on their site, the company vows to never use over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients commonly found in our everyday products, including over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in personal care products by the European Union. This is called the Never List.

If you’ve found that natural products sometimes suffer in comparison to their not-so-healthy counterparts, I can reassure you that in this case, these products exceeded my expectations.  Here are my takeaways:


The Lip Conditioner is simply incredible. I’ve used a wide range of chapsticks and lip balms across the years, and this one really stands out. It’s soothing, creates a beautiful shine that works as a stand-alone lip gloss, and nourishes my lips. And, it’s got a pleasant taste and smell. The texture is consistent, easy to apply, and I swear it’s making my lips a little bit rosier without any added colors. I can tell this will be a powerhouse in my makeup bag and especially my winter wellness routine.

As for the Lip Sheer — I’m not usually a red lipstick girl. If anything, I tend to a subtle gloss or a neutral shade. But, we recently went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, and I wanted to try something fun and different.

The Lip Sheer in Scarlet is the perfect answer for the woman who’s skeptical about wearing a bold red lipstick. Like the conditioner, it’s soothing and the subtle vanilla flavor is a nice touch – you don’t feel like you’re putting something toxic or strange on your lips, just a nice gentle bit of color. And it starts out subtly, but can be layered on to make a deeper tint.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried other lipsticks that claim to offer layering, and I always feel like I end up with too much goop. But this sheer is easy to use, and after a few coats, I ended up with a nice bit of color that worked well for my skin tone. And, I found it lasted longer than other lipsticks I’ve tried, slowly fading rather than leaving an awkward line or remnants of colors.

If you’re interested in learning more about these products, definitely check out the Mountain Beauty Collective website or follow them on Instagram. The collective been launched by my friend Britt, who was inspired to find healthier, more natural solutions for her growing family and has a powerful story about why BeautyCounter is a part of her journey.

*I received the Lip Conditioner as part of a giveaway, and purchased the Lip Sheer with my own funds. This review is an honest reflection of my personal opinions about these products, and I was not paid or otherwise compensated for my opinions.