I finally completed my summer project of collecting and annotating my Kindle purchases over the years in a basic excel sheet. I’m sure there are more sophisticated ways of managing this, but I did it manually.

I found that, since purchasing my Kindle in 2008, and excluding books that were purchased primarily by my husband, I’ve bought 512 e-books. (Some of these were free classics, but I’m going with the simple count).

Of the 512, I’ve read 334. That’s 65%.

And this doesn’t take into account the likely 100+ physical books that I haven’t yet read.

In manually inputting my purchases, I noted that I tend to buy books in clumps. I may go several weeks without a purchase, but then I’ll buy 2-6 books in one fell swoop.

What to do with this count? My primary goal is to chip away at this already-owned inventory over the next year. I’m hoping to read another 20-25 books still this year, and this list will give me a good place to start with my “next up” pile!