Yesterday, I started a three day Ayurvedic cleanse.

It’s nothing crazy or intense. No fasting, to strange foods, no stark limitations. Just three days of eating clean, simple food. Allowing my stomach and digestive systems to take a short break from all of the nonsense I often throw at them. (especially after spring break. especially after a long winter of eating hearty, heavy, comfort foods.)

I’ve been thrilled by the ease and tastiness of the food so far. (If you’re interested and live in the Flathead Valley – highest recommendation for Michelle Berry and a thank you to my friend Nancy for the referral!)

But it’s funny how things happen. Just as I’m starting a three day cleanse, ready to reset my body and my gut, what happens?

My cell phone dies. Kaput. Black screen of death. It’s gone.

Now, I knew this was coming; I’d ordered my replacement phone after seeing the signs and symptoms of a phone dying a slow, painful death. I’d joked about it to my friends. After all, these things happen.

But here’s what this means, that my phone died a day early, the first day of my cleanse:

  • It means that I’ll have a full 24 hours of disconnection. Obviously, not entirely; all I need is to hook up my laptop to WiFi, and I’m good to go. But – when I’m driving; when I’m not at my desk; I’m unplugged.
  • It meant, specifically, that last night – while my husband was coaching at a track meet, and our home WiFi hotspot was with him – I enjoyed three hours of evening time without internet. Without text messages, Instagram to check, blogs to read, or any other distractions. It means I savored the simple, easy dinner created for me by Michelle. I sat on the couch with my pet rabbit, reading a book that’s getting added to my favorites shelf. I listened to the light fall of rain on the Airstream, the sound of birds calling as they return to the warming weather, the gobble of wild turkeys roaming the property. It was so restful.
  • It means that, instead of a 1:1 transfer of apps, tools, and data from my old phone to my new phone, I can start with a fresh slate. Adding what I need, what I use, and what I want.


This afternoon, my new phone should arrive. I’ll have one more full day of the cleanse, but I’ll no doubt be back on the phone and searching, clicking, chatting away.

But I’m so grateful for this 24 hour window of serendipitous peace.

Do you observe a regular day when you’re unplugged? I’ve been pretty good about staying off the phone at night, but this experience is making me reconsider a full-day hiatus each week. We’ll see..