2017 will be the year of the big move.

The year my husband and I quit our stable, secure jobs, and embark on an adventure of our own making in the wilds of northwest Montana.Montana Glacier Simple Living

It still feels like a dream.

For years, it’s been a life of working at a desk in a big city, reading about minimalism and listening to adventure podcasts, seeking running trails within a reasonable drive of home (with reasonable becoming a more and more fluid measurement), and putting off the life we truly wanted for the life we thought was sufficient.

It’s been waiting to board flights at airports, knowing deep down that we were going the wrong way.

We had good motives for staying in the desk jobs; devotion to the work, ties to a professional identity, hopes of onward opportunities to grow, and teams of great colleagues. And of course, the ability to support ourselves without a lot of stress. But ultimately, it became insufficient.

Montana Simple Living LifestyleWe took a hard look at the time we spent at work, and the time we spent outdoors, and realized that not only were the hours dedicated to fresh air and rocky trails and clear vistas not enough, our activities were constricted by our location. We’ve lived in an area that has its own beauty, to be sure.

But, for runners-backpackers-trailseekers-dreamers drawn to high peaks and big skies, it just didn’t satisfy.

We looked at our goals for travel. While the formula seemed to be right, between income and time off potential, when compared to the actual weeks we took off each year, we found our reality was not in line with our aspirations.

And we considered our footprint. We’ve downsized several times, but continue to find that our things take up too much of our space, time, focus, and bank account.

We have the luxury of being relatively untethered; 8 homes in 4 states and 2 countries over 12 years will do that to a person. We benefit from the continued shared vision of the life we desire. We have intentionally laid the groundwork for this transition, by not tying ourselves to a mortgage or other commitments that would ground us to a particular piece of earth.

And so, this will be the year we take the plunge, no longer allowing our real life to prevent us from achieving our best life.

Part of my brain tells me that the internet is crowded with stories like mine, but I will be writing here as we step through this journey and process these major changes. If you’d like to follow along, I’d welcome you to my little online community.