I’ve been more focused this year on tracking my activity and choosing where I focus my time. While I haven’t been perfect about it — my daily journal fell off the rails due to illness in mid-February, and I didn’t get back on track for the rest of March — I took some time on my recent spring break to sit back, reflect on a few wise articles from my online inspirations Cait and Tammy, and I came up with my vision for April.  I’m calling this my April Creative Rhythm (because I’m not sure what will carry over into the future, and what will be a one-time thing, and because another online inspiration Brooke champions rhythms over routines), and here’s what it looks like:

Meet or Exceed my Fiction Word Count Every day

  • I looked at my manuscript draft, and updated my goal word count for the end of April. While I wait for feedback from my first two alpha readers (because I don’t even think I’m going to call it at beta stage yet), I’ll be working toward meeting this next level goal. Right now, it’s sitting at about ~1100 words a day, which will vary a bit depending on what I actually produce. 

Make progress on The Artist’s Way and publish a short blog post on M-F

  • I started reading this book almost 2 years ago and really want to complete it. I’m giving myself permission for these blog posts to be short, capturing brief thoughts, things inspiring me in the moment, or other ideas I want to share.

Do a better job of planning my weekly work hours & structure for client work, and track my hours daily to see where my time actually goes.

  • I’ve done some time tracking before, but never with a concentrated focus that’s lasted more than a few days. I’m interested to see where it all goes during this month of experimentation.

Be sure to integrate my other priorities that fuel my creative spirit — time to run, outside if possible, and time to nourish my body and take care of my spaces.

    • As spring comes to Montana (although you wouldn’t know it today), getting back outside and filling my ears and mind with some inspiration is a key objective. What are your favorite podcasts for motivation and inspiration? I’d love if you’d share them in the comments!

Decorate/set-up my new workspace

  • I’m thrilled to now be in a co-working space which I share with two other amazing women entrepreneurs. After spending a lot of time working in coffeeshops over the past year, it’s exciting to get a workstation set up the way I want. I’ll share a quick office tour sometime this month once I get this finished

Finish one creative course

  • I’ve purchased a number of online courses over the past two years; some more creative and lifestyle, others more directly tied to my freelance client work. I want to knock one of these off of my mental list this month.

A few bonus notes:

One specific reason why I’m doing this now is because Cait said this, and I nodded my head enthusiastically in agreement:

“I wrote down my list of priorities, then matched it up to my existing calendar and realized I wasn’t doing any of them.”

Why Else April?

  • I have no major travel or events planned that will disrupt my normal weekly routine.
  • I’ve achieved a months-long goal of reorienting my yoga teaching schedule to a daily rhythm that marries my practice with my best energy, and sets me up with larger chunks of time for both paid and creative work.

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