I bring you, a few days late, the things and ideas that brought me joy this May! I’ve greatly enjoyed documenting my inspiring products and content throughout the year. It helps me to be more thoughtful when I’m considering a purchase, and to notice more closely when I listen, read, or watch something. I hope you may find the same movements in your own life as you start to notice your own favorites.

Products that Add Value:

My Library Card. Ode to the public library, where I’ve worn out multiple cards and maxed out my real-life and digital loans. My tiny community has a superpowered library, and so far every book I’ve looked for has been available or acquire-able via the greater Montana library system.

My (sister’s) L.L. Bean Kayak, circa 2000. This kayak has been around for ages, and like so many L.L. Bean products, it’s held up remarkably. It’s not the most comfortable seat, and the hard shell has been dinged and dented after being dragged up and down rocks and logs, but it’s the perfect way to get out on the lake before the water is quite warm enough to swim. I took it out a few times in May and can’t wait to spend hours on the water all summer long.

Content That Makes Me Think And Dream (and Laugh):

Good Life Project Podcast featuring Andrew Forsthoefel: GLP is one of my go-to podcasts, with great interviews that dive deeply in the various and often unconventional ways people construct what they see to be a good life.  As noted on the GLP website, Andrew’s story begins when “at 23, Andrew walked out the back door of his home in Pennsylvania, with a backpack and a sign that read “Walking to Listen.” Some 4,000 miles and countless conversations later, he found himself on the West Coast.” The podcast tells the amazing story of Andrew’s journey, the people he spoke with and encounters that came to shape his experience and understanding. I found it to be a powerful reminder of the value of story to our human tribe. Highly recommend a listen!

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return. I was never really a fan or watcher of the original Mystery Science Theatre (or its second run.) But this new iteration has become the perfect popcorn fare for those nights when I just want to relax for a bit before heading to my book and my bed. Add in a bonus feature of Felicia Day, long one of my favorite actors, and the spot-on 80’s kid pop-culture references, and I’ve found my new favorite opportunity to laugh out loud multiple times a week. Currently on Netflix; highly recommended. I think my “favorite” bad movie thus far would have to be Starcrash, although Avalanche and Yongary were pretty good also.

Coffee of the Month:

Two winners when it comes to coffee this month:

Madcap’s Colombian Galerasdescribed to have tasting notes of jasmine and syrup, was a delight.


Máquina Coffee Roasters Colombian (I’m seeing a trend here…) Los Naranjos – Huila.  Angel’s cup gives me tasting notes of black cherry and cola, while other descriptions identify spices, dark chocolate, and maybe hazelnut.

This one is sadly out of stock, but I may have to check out another roast from this company and keep my eyes open for any new production of the Los Naranjos – Huila.

It’s been interesting to track my coffee preferences over time, especially compared to my husband; he leans heavily to Ethiopian coffees, while I’m a bit more eclectic. This is my first time selecting South American origin roasts, though, and two in one month is interesting!

What’s on the top of your list lately? I’d love to hear your suggestions.  Share in the comments or pop me a PM on Instagram!