Each month, I’ll post a round-up of the things that are bringing me the most inspiration, the most thought-provoking content I’ve enjoyed, and the products that are enhancing my life. I hope some of these items may bring value to your life!


Content That Makes Me Think and Dream:

Quit the thing you love. I heard about this post indirectly, via the Minimalists Podcast #50, Impulses. This concept is incredibly timely and inspiring for me personally. In discussions with friends about our upcoming move, one of the most common questions is whether the move is due to a lack of job satisfaction. Honestly, both my husband and I do love our jobs, or at the very least, many aspects of them. But, as Derek Sivers writes, the compelling result of quitting something that you love is the creation of space for something else. If you are tempted to reboot your own reality and find space for new growth, this may be just the inspiration you need.

The Magicians (series).  I read the first book of the series that inspired the show back in 2011. While I rated it as 4 stars on GoodReads at the time, my recollection of the details was weak, and I never did end up reading books 2 or 3, a sure sign that book 1 did not make a big impression. That said, the TV series was really quite good. I liked the changes they made to the characters, the acting is strong, and the story is powerful. Season 2 started in late January and I can’t wait to dive back in. (Aside: how great has SyFy content been lately? I’m also eagerly awaiting the return of The Expanse….)

Products That Add Value:Coffee

Brandywine Coffee Burundi Nkonge.  We subscribe to a weekly coffee service through Angel’s Cup. I never used to drink coffee – but since discovering Angel’s Cup, I’ve found a few roasters that I love, and I’ve learned what I do and don’t like in a cup of coffee. (hint: frothed soy milk. Yes, I’m not a purist.) This one is by far my favorite selection from the month of January. The tasting notes describe it as exceptionally sweet, with caramelized sugars but without being “roasty,” with flavors of caramel, honey, and cherry. This one goes on my short list of roasts to order directly.

Mahabis Slippers. I posted about these on my instagram feed earlier this month, but they continue to blow me away. I wear them around the house (my toes are always cold), I wear them for short errands, and they are hands-down the best slipper I’ve ever owned. Warm enough without being too warm, lightweight, and a perfect fit. I’m a fan.

BlankPage. I use this simple interface to write everything in draft. I first learned of it via Rowdy Kittens, one of my favorite sources of inspiration. BlankPage appeals to me due to the simplicity of the interface, the way I can easily hop between drafts of different pieces, and the build-in tracking tool so I know how much I’m writing each day. I definitely recommend it if you are trying to establish any kind of writing practice.

What has added value to your life this month? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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