And suddenly, it’s November.

Not even just November, but late November. Almost Thanksgiving! I’m sitting in an airport, awaiting my flight to Iceland, a destination I’ve dreamed of visiting for years. We’ll be on a stopover for a few days, and I can’t wait to explore this land of ice and (hopefully) see the northern lights.

And a few things have happened. I’m so behind in sharing with you here, but in tribute to one of my standing ideas of Done being Better than Perfect, here is a brief recap of happenings of the past few months.

  • Perhaps the most significant in terms of time, work, and overall life, we moved into our Airstream, which we’ve named Winterfell. This is a major step forward in our life vision (for now — because let’s be honest, sometimes life visions change!) of simplifying, creating our ability to live, work, and explore anywhere, and learning what we need and what we truly enjoy by removing the capacity for excess. Lots of people ask us about how it is to live in an Airstream in the winter in Montana. To which I respond – it’s only November. Stay tuned.
  • I’ve had an exciting few months of writing and writing-related activities. As I shared with you recently, I had two guest posts published on blogs I admire greatly — a feature of a local female powerhouse on She-Explores, and a travel essay on Cait Flanders’s blog. If you haven’t read either yet, I’d invite you to click over and enjoy. I’d love to hear your comments and your stories.
  • I also attended the 2017 Flathead Writers Conference, two days of inspiration and motivation amongst the local writing community. And, while my participation has been a bit spotty, I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo more actively than I have before.
  • I’ve been training with a local friend and experienced runner to try and develop some better speed and technique. I ran a 5k with her recently, which was a few seconds off of my PR, but a strong and consistent run and a great training experience.
  • I’ve started to bring doTERRA essential oils into the yoga studio, and I continue to love teaching at both Curative Yoga Bigfork and Yoga Hive Kalispell. If you’re in the northwest Montana community and you haven’t yet done so, these are incredible communities where you can connect with some amazing people.
  • We hosted three visitors – friends and family with whom we shared some of our favorite places in Montana. It was a busy season, but such a privilege.
  • I continue to work with some amazing clients who are doing great things in the world of business, education, and communication. A few I’d love to highlight to my community of readers —  If you know anyone interested in a great new tool to manage business growth, contacts, outreach, and social commerce, please direct them to Traktivity — where social selling is made simple. Or, if you know a young person interested in launching a career in superyachts and traveling the world — FreshYacht has an online course launching soon, where they’ll learn anything and everything they need to know to succeed in this dynamic career.

I’ll be updating my Instagram account as I travel, and look forward to sharing some of the experiences here with you as and after I process the lessons this trip has for me.

Until then — wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being a reader and a part of my own little corner of the internet.

(Photo: Rivers of Light evening show at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park)