Well, hello there.

It’s September 4. The first day of back-to-school in our small town. A day with blue skies and the softest hints of clouds.

Two months since my last post. Lots of months since I’ve been posting regularly.

With the start of the school year, it’s another chance for a fresh start — so today, I’ll dive back in and see where this fall takes me when it comes to the blog.

I’m starting off with a fall 2018 capsule wardrobe — a Project 333. This was one of the projects from last year’s September Could-Do List that never happened, so it’s fitting that a year later, I’m back with the same intention — but this time, acting upon it.

So – here are my 33 items for the next three months (excludes active/yoga wear – more on that in a moment – and outerwear.)

7 pairs of pants (one not pictured as I was wearing them..) 3 jeans (black, grey, and blue); 1 corduroy; 3 active/work.

Tees & Tops: 4 casual t-shirts (grey/green/blue/black) and 5 casual long-sleeve shirts (white/grey stripe/grey/blue stripe/green)

Flannels & “Nice” Tops: 4 short-sleeve (burgundy/plaid/chambray/green) and 5 long-sleeve (grey/purple/black/blue/red)

Sweaters & Top Layers: Dark Gray/Heather Pink/Turquoise/Black/Grey Heather/Black & White Stripe —  Grey Cardigan — Black Vest

I’ve also included one bonus item – a skirt I love in theory but have only worn a few times since I bought it. If it doesn’t get worn these 3 months, then it’s getting sold or donated.

Things I’ve already learned from this:

  • apparently my clothes look really wrinkly when I lay them out flat – and honestly, I’m not a fashion blogger so I can’t be bothered to come up with better lighting or shooting conditions. This is how it is, people. #reallife
  • 15/33 items come from a women’s activewear brand — mostly Athleta, some Toad & Co, a few Title Nine/Lululemon. Not really surprising, but interesting to see it in the numbers.
  • I really like my lifestyle where the need for anything “fancy” is limited and I can just focus on being comfortable, possibly somewhat stylish, and well-dressed for the elements.

Why do a Project 333 at all?

  • I’m tired of my tiny Airstream closet overflowing, and this is a way of forcing things to fit.
  • It fosters creativity and helps me avoid spending on new clothes I don’t need.
  • It encourages me to dress with my full wardrobe and not just live in my yoga pants all day.
  • I’ve wanted to do it for years so finally making it happen.

What about those yoga pants?

Since I’m teaching 4 days a week now, I’m taking a similar approach to my yoga clothes, and culled the activewear down to about 10 outfits or ~20 pieces. I’m also interested to mix and match between yoga clothing and casual fare.

How about shoes?

I think that last year I set a record of living almost a full year cycle in either flip flops or winter boots (or running shoes). So I’m not too worried about footwear This year, however, I’d love to get my brown Frye boots out of the closet and into the rotation a bit. We’ll see if I act on that!

I’ll post updates on my Instagram account and will probably do some type of end-of-project wrap-up as I love the data-driven posts with wear counts, etc. (although that will require me to actually track my wear counts….hmmm….)

Are you planning any type of fall wardrobe project, experiment, or overhaul?