Where do you get your food? And more specifically, where do you get your produce? I’ve been working to upgrade how I fuel my body, from sustainably caught (although clearly not local) seafood from Salmon Sisters, to our CSA from Lower Valley Farm. (is it time for fresh veggies yet? I’m SO READY!) 

Because as much as I’d love to grow my own garden, I’ve got a proven black thumb. But since I love to eat fresh, locally grown fruits & vegetables, I’m proud to be a sponsor and organizer behind the Bigfork Village Market, bringing locally grown produce and other handcrafted goods (and free yoga!) to our little village.

I had the chance to go to a great event in town last night, meeting organizations and growers working every day in our valley to promote healthy soil, responsible harvest, and seasonal eating. In addition to seeing my friendly local farmer from Lower Valley, I was impressed by the exciting additions to our local farming community – including Yellow Bay Gardens and Mountain Kind Farm – and was able to learn more about the exciting growth happening in our valley around local food, spearheaded and supported by FarmHands, Wicked Good Farm, and individuals and businesses who care.

I’m so enthused by the great new things and the increasing focus on healthy, authentic, intentional lifestyle happening in my community, and my ability to be a part of it all.

Want to find your own CSA? I recommend LocalHarvest as a great resource to get started.

P.S. unrelated bonus: I’ve written before about my online friend Cait Flanders – she’s hosting a book giveaway over on her blog. Check it out!