I thought for quite some time about what my word for 2018 should be. I’ve never explicitly chosen a word of the year before. I’ve played around with various goal-setting and tracking mechanisms, from an excel sheet with monthly breakdown to seat-of-the-pants winging it to having a general sense of a goal but no real system of tracking or pursuing it across the year.

After brainstorming various words, making lists, reading guides and posts from various bloggers I follow, and wondering if the whole act of choosing a word was in itself overrated, I decided to just go for it. And since I use words for a living, of course, I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked two. The final choices settled in my head during a beautiful and invigorating nordic ski on the last day of the year. The sun sparkled on the snow and my breath caught in my lungs as I glided along the course, and the words settled comfortably in my mind.

Some words I considered, but abandoned as not-quite-right for me this year: Slow, Show Up, Focus, Deepen, Truth, and Self. Each of these speaks to a part of my life and my work that needs some attention, some rebalancing, in the new year.

But ultimately, the duo of Create & Complete most speaks to where I want 2018 to take me and to build on 2017.

While I won’t be publishing all of my goals or all of the details, as some things are meant for me while others are meant for my community, here are a few ways these words speak to my vision for 2018:


  • Finish my first novel, edit, revise, and self-publish this year. (Clearly, this goal transcends both words for the year!)
  • Design a work schedule that serves me, providing boundaries as well as abundance to the areas of my work and creative life that need cultivation, protection, and perhaps revision.
  • Invest in my confidence and build a greater willingness to take risks with my creative projects, whether this is with classes, exercises, or just doing the work without self-judgment.
  • Deepen my yoga practice with more consistent attendance as a student as well as a teacher, continuing to add workshops and special classes, pursuing additional training for myself, and intentionally cultivating community.
  • Build my new business connecting people with the wonderful benefits of dōTERRA essential oils.
  • Return to a regular fitness regimen that gives my brain the opportunity to recharge and cultivate creative input.
  • Continue to write and publish on platforms & blogs I admire.
  • Create more abundance and increase my income across all parts of my freelance career.
  • Develop a menu planning and meal prep routine that works for my lifestyle now, in the Airstream and on the move.


  • This one is a bit more nebulous and is the partner goal to all of the above. It’s a running joke between my husband and myself that I suffer from the inability to complete tasks. Usually, it’s a good-natured joke as you look around the house and see the dishes I washed, except for that one mug; the laundry I put away, other than the last few pairs of socks. I move from diversion to task to next on the to-do list and sometimes in attempting to multi-task, I don’t complete anything to satisfaction. This year is about coming back to single-tasking, being present in what I’m doing, and finishing well so that I can walk on to the next thing with a clear mind. I want to take this sense of completeness into all that I do this year, whether that’s finding ways to finish tasks that aren’t enjoyable or simply being accountable to myself for what I do and don’t finish the way I intend.
  • On a more practical level, I’ve purchased a number of e-courses over the years without finishing many of them. A few are even unstarted. Many of these are still on topics practical and relevant to where I want to go, so this year I’m planning to complete at least three of them.

What’s your approach to the new year? Do you have a word, a goal, a resolution or three? I’d love to hear about how you frame your time and what works and doesn’t work.

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