Oh April.

You flew by. When I left, the snow still fell and the weather was chilly. Now I’m home to fields full of cherry blossoms and sunshine-filled days perfect for outdoor adventures.

April took me to the Pacific Northwest, where I spent some hours reconnecting with old friends, revisiting my old stomping grounds in Seattle, appreciating the particular type of atmosphere created by mist and rain and coastal waters, and making new friends while learning to be a yoga teacher in Whistler, British Columbia. So this month’s favorites are heavily influenced by travel — goods that make travel easier, newly discovered flavors, and of course the April Coffee of the Month!

Products that Add Value:

CookSmarts: I’ve been wanting to find a good meal planning service for years, and finally decided to give CookSmarts a try in late March and early April. I’m still figuring out how best to make it work for my life and schedule, but so far, the recipes have been simple and fantastic, adaptable to allow me to choose vegetarian dishes, and affordable. I also think I’ve been wasting less food, as the menus are designed to make multiple uses of certain ingredients. I’m excited to continue trying out CookSmarts and I’ll post an update here after I’ve been using it for a longer time.

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Vest. This vest. I’ve gotten more wear out of this piece than practically anything else in my wardrobe over the past year. Need an extra layer during winter nights in Arizona? Check. Slightly chilly in the sun in Canada? Perfect. Forgot a blanket and wish you had a pillow on the Amtrak? The vest is just squishy enough to keep your head comfy during an overnight train. It’s thin, fits nicely over shirts and under jackets, and goes with absolutely everything. I’m tempted to go buy another one because it’s really one of those pieces of clothing that merits multiples.

Stash Teas in Lemon Ginger and Blueberry Superfruit. While as my blog title makes obvious, I love a good cup of coffee, I’m also a tea addict. During yoga training, we had an entire wall of delicious teas to choose from — the perfect beverage for the misty, cloudy, cool days in the woods outside of Whistler. While I loved all of the teas, these two stood out. The flavor intensity of the Lemon Ginger was amazing, and after a suggestion from my new friend Alejandra, I added some almond milk to the Blueberry Superfruit — thus discovering my new favorite warming beverage. Both of these are now resident on my home tea shelf.

Content That Makes Me Think And Dream

Real Talk Radio – Dr. Stephanie Howe Violett – Nicole Antoinette’s Real Talk Radio is on the short list of podcasts I turn to for inspiration, motivation, and simply entertainment, often during a long run or a long drive. This month, the interview with Dr. Stephanie Howe Violett, a professional ultra-runner, served as all of the above. Whether you’re a recreational runner, interested in adding on some serious mileage, or are interested in the concept of intentionally doing hard things, I think you’ll find this podcast well worth your time.

When Women Were Birds — Terry Tempest Williams has hovered on the edges of my awareness for ages now, but this is the first book of hers I’ve picked up. While I’m not completely finished yet — this is a book I’m savoring, reading it slowly, marking passages, and pondering — I can tell already that she will be on the short list of my favorite muses into the future. I can’t recommend this book enough — particularly if, like me, you are drawn to nature, you have sought to better understand your mother and your relationship with her -especially after her death – or if you are just a lover of words and how we humans convey our truths, both to ourselves, and to each other. (Please note, this is an affiliate link.)


Coffee of the Month:

This month’s pick from the Angel’s Cup subscription was Honest Coffee‘s Burundi – Mikuba Hill Lot #7. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available for sale at their site — but I’d guess they might have some other roasts worth checking out!

Angel’s Cup described the dominant flavors as vanilla, raisin, and lavender. I describe it as delicious!
And don’t forget — if you’re interested in getting Angel’s Cup coffee deliver, you can get 25% off of your first delivery by using code “CoffeeHunter2251”! (Please note, this is an affiliate link.)