Week 3. The week of slumpiness. When enthusiasm begins to wear off, I begin to get distracted, and various things happen that were not as I planned.

Here’s how I did:

Meet or Exceed my Fiction Word Count Every day — Nope. Some writing. Nowhere near word count.

Make progress on The Artist’s Way and publish a short blog post on M-F – I posted blogs 3 days of the week, and did some reading but no action taken.

Do a better job of planning my weekly work hours – I continued to track my time, with results below.

Integrate my other priorities that fuel my creative spirit: time to run, outside if possible, and time to nourish my body and take care of my spaces. –   Much better this week. A few runs, a yoga practice just for me, and a nourishing massage. I also took a day that I needed to just reset my brain and felt much better for it.

Decorate/set-up my new workspace  – Getting close. Hoping to show off my work space soon!

Finish one creative course  – I’m at the point where I am starting to question this goal for April. Hoping to dig more into it this week, but honestly I just keep forgetting it, which makes me wonder if it should be a priority after all.

This week encompasses 66.5 hours of time tracked across 5 days.

The good:

Life Admin 17.3%! This was below my goal of 20% and gives me confidence I can keep trimming the fat here.

Fitness 5.3% – the best yet. Ideally this will keep growing. I’d like it to hit around 8-9% a week.

Paid Freelance – I got a lot of client work done this week, which helped me happily cross a few things off of my to-do list.

Leisure – Last week, I said I’d expected less time spent on Leisure this week. But I’d forgotten about my massage, and then a few other things changed up my routine as well. We also spent some time looking into the next big thing — which, to me, felt fun – so I counted it as Leisure, rather than Life Admin.

The Bad:

It was not a good week for creative work. Only 3.8%. Eek.


Based on what happened this first week, my goals for next week are to:


  • Increase Creative time to at least 25% (This includes working on my book, intentional reading for personal development, blog posts, etc.)
  • Decide whether I want to finish the April Course goal, or not.