How did I do in the second week of my April Creative Challenge?

Let’s just say, the week didn’t go exactly to plan. An unexpected trip to Whitefish for car maintenance, troubleshooting some odds and ends, and taking advantage of a break in the weather to move furniture from place to place all ate into my best intentions.

Meet or Exceed my Fiction Word Count Every day — Nope. I did this a few days and made good progress, but not what I’d hoped. However, I made some good progress on other creative head work, so I count that as a partial win.

Make progress on The Artist’s Way and publish a short blog post on M-F – I read a chapter of The Artist’s Way, considered when and how I can work in a creative artist date, and  I did blog M-F

Do a better job of planning my weekly work hours – Once again, I tracked my hours in 30 min increments M-F, with results below. I’m starting to see a better sense of awareness of my work time and capability in any given week. (in this week, this meant working for a good chunk of time on Saturday.)

Integrate my other priorities that fuel my creative spirit: time to run, outside if possible, and time to nourish my body and take care of my spaces. –   I fit in two runs this week, (one under protest in rainy weather), and I completed my 3 day Ayurvedic cleanse.

Decorate/set-up my new workspace  – This was a big win this week. While it’s not done yet, I got my desk moved in and set up, my standing desk built (look for a post on this next week!), and my art on the walls. The office is coming together, and it’s feeling great.

Finish one creative course  – no progress made this week.

This week, based on intentionally working on Saturday due to some unexpected issues that arose, and some intentional decisions during the week, I tracked a total of 73.5 hours across 6 days.

(On a related note, I listened this week to She-Explores – a favorite podcast  – and one episode quoted this line:

“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”

― Lori Greiner


Based on what happened this first week, my goals for next week are to:

  • reduce Life Admin to 20% (Since I struggled with this two weeks in a row, I’m giving myself a higher bar for which to aim.)
  • Increase Creative time to at least 15%. This was surprising to me, because I felt like I spent more time on Creative work this week than last, but in terms of raw hours it was actually the same — and in percentage, even less than week 1. This is why tracking is so helpful for me — my perception really isn’t aligned with reality. I’m going to see if I can hit 15% — double what I’ve done the past two weeks – before aiming for a bigger slice of time.
  • Reduce Business Admin to 6% (This includes things like accounting, managing email, and doing back-end work for our business websites.) I was happy to meet this goal in week 2, so I’ll try to keep it down.
  • Increase Paid Freelance, Yoga, and Fitness. Similarly to Creative work, my actual hours for Paid Freelance were the same in weeks 1 & 2. I continue to want to see more time spent in the Fitness and Yoga category.
  • This week featured more Leisure predominately due to the great cell phone death. I don’t expect to see quite as much represented next week – but also, I will hopefully not be counting Saturday next week!