How did I do in the first week of my April Creative Challenge?

Meet or Exceed my Fiction Word Count Every day — Achieved 3/5 days, with bonus writing on the weekend.

Make progress on The Artist’s Way and publish a short blog post on M-F – no progress on The Artist’s Way, but I did blog M-F

Do a better job of planning my weekly work hours – I tracked my hours in 30 min increments M-F. I’ll go further into the results and what this is teaching me below.

Integrate my other priorities that fuel my creative spirit: time to run, outside if possible, and time to nourish my body and take care of my spaces. –   Mixed success. I only went for a run one day, but I did plan and make healthy food and I was able to listen to a few favorite podcasts while doing some spring cleaning.

Decorate/set-up my new workspace  – I moved a lot of my materials from my dad’s house (storage) to the new office. Hoping to get my desk up and art hung this week!

Finish one creative course  – no progress made this week.

Because I’m an excel nerd, I copied over my weekly hour tracking into a spreadsheet and made a fancy chart. For those who are counting, this represents the percentage breakdown of 65 hours of tracked time in a M-F period. I didn’t count evening time which is predominately leisure but sometimes also includes other types of time spent.

Based on what happened this first week, my goals for next week are to:

  • reduce Life Admin to 15% (Life Admin includes things like laundry, grocery shopping, running errands, etc. It was high this week since we just got home from a big trip on Sunday evening!)
  • Increase Creative time to at least 25% (This includes working on my book, intentional reading for personal development, blog posts, etc.)
  • Reduce Business Admin to under 10% (This includes things like accounting, managing email, and doing back-end work for our business websites. There’s a lot of opportunity to streamline here, I think.)
  • Increase Paid Freelance, Yoga, and Fitness. (Fitness is the tiny pink slice that didn’t even merit a label. I’m in need of some updated playlists and class planning time for my yoga classes for the next few weeks. And, I’m looking to maintain a minimum of Paid Freelance work at 35% to ensure I’m continuing to build income and a client base to support my creative work. Ideally, this will ebb and flow to be higher on certain weeks than others depending on my other obligations.)
Do you track your weekly or daily hours?

What are your goals and tools for distributing your time across the various requirements of your personal and professional priorities?