Week Three: Strawberry Lake

The hike to Strawberry Lake has long been a famous one in my family. Apparently, my mother hiked this trail while pregnant with me. This was the first time I actually took to the trail myself, and I have great respect — the first mile or so is really quite steep, and was a challenge even for me, much less a lady about 6 months pregnant!

Like so many of the trails in the Flathead this summer, the beargrass was phenomenal. We stopped and hunted for mushrooms along the trail as well.

While the lake was lovely, we didn’t linger — it was also simply overwhelmed by lake flies and mosquitoes. Instead, we pressed on, following the Alpine trail up to the top, crossing some residual snow, and eventually achieving some breathtaking views into Jewel Basin, back to the Hungry Horse reservoir and the peaks of Glacier. I spotted a small plane motoring low above the peaks.

Strawberry Lake is a lovely day hike, and I’m so happy to have finally added this one to my map.

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